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John Sutherland, police officer

Officer 1483, John  Sutherland was quite often in McLevy’s team of officers when making arrests. He joined the Edinburgh police on 20 January 1853 aged 25. He was single and previously had been a labourer. The popularly believed master of … Continue reading

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John Gray, Greyfrairs Bobby owner

John Gray, Edinburgh police officer 1487, is believed to be the owner of Greyfrairs Bobby , the little dog that sat on his grave for 12 years after his premature death of tuberculosis in 1858 aged 45. He was born … Continue reading

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William Mulholland is James McLevy’s assistant. He was born about 1802 in Ireland, possibly Armagh, and joined the Edinburgh police force in the same year as McLevy in May 1830. One of three officers to be recruited that year. In … Continue reading

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Night Duty 1856

On 23rd August 1856 all 6 Criminal Officers other then McLevy were assigned to night shift to work with plain clothes officers. Why McLevy was excused night duty is unknown although in his introduction to his first book he offers … Continue reading

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Ragged Schools

In 1818 John Pounds a Plymouth shoemaker started the idea of ragged schools a form of free education for working class children. Mary Carpenter continued these ideas in Bristol becoming the first female to present a paper to the Royal … Continue reading

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Henry Littlejohn, police surgeon from 1862

Henry Littlejohn was born 1826 and worked closely with the police in Edinburgh. He certified the death of John Gray the policeman who reputedly owned the famous dog known as Greyfrairs Bobby. James McLevy would consult him on cases for … Continue reading

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A Want Spoils Perfection

January 1850 watches stolen in Arbroath. Police Superintendent Richard Moxey asks McLevy to keep an eye out. Some time passes, and in Smith’s Close two me are apprehended – Alexander Clark and James Mitchell. They are sent to Dundee. Information … Continue reading

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The Child Strippers

May 1838 Kate Lang and Nell Duff were child strippers. Other accomplices were Mary Joice, Margaret Joice, Robina Finnie. 18 months each at the trial.

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The White Coffin

February 1837. With Mulholland catch Andrew Ireland, John Templeton and David Toppen stealing hens. They get  9, 6 and 4 months jail. Andrew Ireland escapes the jail. Some time later there is a theft from Robb and Whittens silversmiths in … Continue reading

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The Widows Last Shilling

1845 August.  Mary Anne Stewart 5 times convicted pickpocket William Walker and James M’Guire are the accomplices.Stole 10 shillings from an old lady as she comes out the Equitable Loan Company. 10 years transportation for Mary and 7 years each … Continue reading

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