Henry Littlejohn, police surgeon from 1862

Henry Littlejohn was born 1826 and worked closely with the police in Edinburgh. He certified the death of John Gray the policeman who reputedly owned the famous dog known as Greyfrairs Bobby. James McLevy would consult him on cases for instance “The Dead Childs Leg”. In 1862, Henry Littlejohn  was formally appointed  Surgeon of Police and Medical Officer of Health of Edinburgh, a position he held until 1908. In 1865 Littlejohn published a report on the sanitary conditions in Edinburgh which became a model for many similar works both at home and abroad.  For many years Littlejohn was Medical Advisor to the Crown in Scotland in criminal cases, and was frequently called upon to give evidence in cases of murder and other serious crimes. One of the main legacies of Littlejohn’s life and work was the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh, which he co-founded with Dr. John Smith.

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