James McLevy Grave Canongate Churchyard

James Mclevy died on 3 December 1873 aged 79 and his death was recorded by his niece, Mary Rodgers. Mary Mclevy had died 3 years earlier and was buried in Canongate churchyard and McLevy was buried alongside her. The grave is now unmarked but a search of old maps and records has found the place where he lies.

Canongate Church modern and in 1877 where James McLevy is buried

A search of old burial records has found the records for both Mary, his sister and James.

James McLevy Burial record

The record says he was buried near Robert Scott. A search of the Canongate churchyard finds the tombstone.

Robert Scott Tombstone

The burial text says that the grave is 16 feet north and 9 feet east of the west tombs. The old map at the top of this page shows the tombs now gone but we can work out the location.

Robert Scott Tombstone on left
7 feet east of west tombs ( and 16 feet north of Robert Scott)

Below the cross highlighted in yellow, there is a square area for another set of graves for the McCrie family. This appears to be known as the Earls Tomb and they were mostly buried after McLevy

9 feet east of West Tombs shown by tape measure

Mary McLevy his sister who died in 1870, 3 years earlier is buried near him on the other side of the square below the cross in the diagram above. It may be she was buried before the McCries had their tomb built as appears to be within.

Mary McLevy’s grave position 1870 (see tape measure)

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